We offer you further technologies with selected partners:

Energy Monitoring System - Measure & Manage

A profound understanding of your energy consumption is the first step to reduce your energy costs. We offer a cost-effective solution to monitor your energy data. The system is compatible with almost all commercial meters and can easily be integrated (retrofitted) in existing installations.

Combined Heat & Power

When heat and power are generated together, fuel demand and costs drop. In combined heat and power (CHP) systems, a gas-motor drives a generator which provides electric energy and at the same time waste heat to be used for thermal processes. Compared to the separated generation, the demand for fossil fuels can be reduced by up to 50%. Our CHP systems are installed in modules and are adjusted to your specific needs.

Water Treatment

We offer you tailor-made solutions for water treatment and desalination based on thermal (membrane distillation or multi-effect distillation) or electric (reverse osmosis) processes.

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