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Solar thermal cooling allows reducing power consumption and electricity costs. Due to the fast growing cooling demand, solar solutions will become an important pillar of cold supply. In industry and commerce, thermal driven absorption chillers offer attractive opportunities when they are powered by solar thermal collectors or waste heat.

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Future of Cooling
World energy use projection for space cooling (Source: IEA 2018 - Future of Cooling). © Industrial Solar

How Does Solar Thermal Cooling Work?

Absorption chillers are driven by heat and thus have a very low power demand. Heat, captured in solar thermal collectors, powers the cooling cycle by separating a refrigerant from a carrier material. When the refrigerant is later evaporated, it provides cooling by withdrawing heat from the environment. 

What Are the Advantages of Solar Thermal Cooling?

  • Cold demand matches well with solar irradiation

  • Thermal energy storage (hot or cold) cheaper than electric
  • Allows reduction of peak loads
  • Refrigerants less harmful for the climate





Read more about our cooling system in South Africa:

South African Builder, MTN installs Africa's first concentrating solar power/cooling system
We offer solar cooling solutions, our state-of-the-art Concentrating Solar Linear Fresnel technology...Download the PDF to read more about us.
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Advantages of solar cooling
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