We provide customized solutions for renewable energy supply and energy efficiency in the medium power range for all kinds of industries.


We realize turnkey projects and also offer individual services like energy consulting and detailed planning as well as heat supply within contracting agreements.

Turnkey Projects

We act as general contractor and take responsibility for the whole project from the initial analysis until the system is operational, and also provide after-sales services. We do the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of the complete system, and provide maintenance and monitoring.

Energy Consulting

We offer comprehensive consulting and tangible advice for energy supply, the integration of renewable energy technologies, the increase of energy efficiency and the implementation of energy management systems. Thus, we help our clients to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, we consult public bodies in the implementation of support mechanisms for solar process heating and cooling.

Detailed Planning

Complex energy projects need detailed planning. In order to develop the optimal solution for our client's demands, we offer the following engineering services:

  • Pre-feasibility study (estimation of costs and yields)
  • Conceptual design (estimation of costs and yields and conceptual design)
  • Preliminary design / Front-end engineering and design (estimation of costs and yields and selection of central components)
  • Final design 

Heat Supply

In cooperation with financing partners, such as Carbon Free Industry, we offer our solutions also within energy-as-a-service (contracting) agreements. The energy consumer neither needs to carry investment costs nor performance risks, but only pays a fee for the consumed energy while guaranteeing a minimum offtake for a specified time. As the price of solar heat is lower than the price of fossil alternatives, projects are cash flow positive from the beginning.

Solutions for Renewable Energy Supply in Industry



Hot Water

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