We share the responsibility to care for future generations.

Decisions about energy generation and consumption

play a key role in combating climate change.

Globally, the industrial sector is responsible for one-third of the total final energy consumption. Since the industrial production is expected to grow up to 400% until 2050, it will become the sector that emits most CO2. 


Decisions like which energy source to use for manufacturing goods are made in every factory. However, renewable energy sources and clean technologies are options which have not always been considered. We have the choice to take action and reduce the impact of climate change.

Our choice

Clean technologies that use renewable energy and reduce dependency on fossil fuels, energy costs, and make the industrial sector more sustainable. 


We upgrade fossil fuel-based energy supply systems from different industries with renewable energy sources such as solar energy and clean technologies such as membrane distillation.

Be part of the solution

Industrial Solar Holding Europe AB (ISHE) holds 100% of Industrial Solar GmbH and it published an investment memorandum for the company's rights issue. The subscription period started on Friday January 17th, 2020. 

Our technology

We make industrial processes greener with renewable energy, solar concentrating technologies, membrane distillation and turnkey solutions.


Solar concentrating technologies are the core component of the solutions that we offer to industrial clients through the company Industrial Solar GmbH. They capture solar radiation and convert it into thermal energy to run production processes with high energy demand for heat.


The membrane Distillation process of the company Solar Spring GmbH utilizes modern technology to recover valuable resources in the industry. MD is powered by heat and can be used to concentrate wastewater and separate volatile substances. The result is clean water at low energy costs.


Fresnel collector

Membrane distillation

Parabolic trough collector

Filtration systems

The industrial sector could move from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources to run the production processes with a high demand of energy for heating. With your support we can unleash the huge market potential for solar process heating systems.

Companies that have chosen sustainable heat

RAM PHARMA in Jordan

Japan Tobacco International in Jordan

Be part of the solution, choose renewables now!


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