Clean Industry Solutions Rapportintervju Q2 2021

Fresnel Solar Steam Generator - System Overview

Fresnel Solar Steam Generator - Operation & Maintenance

Rapportkommentar Industrial Solar Q4 2020

Analyst Group interviews Christian Zahler, CEO of Industrial Solar, in connection to the rights issue 2020

Industrial Solar at "Welt der Wunder TV"

Industrial Solar - Aktiekvällen Göteborg 2019

Industrial Solar - Solar Thermal Collectors

Industrial Solar - Aktiedagen Stockholm 2018

Solar Steam Generation

Industrial Solar - Fresnel Collector

Solar Cooling System at MTN, Johannesburg

Solar Process Heat and Cooling for Tobacco Processing

Intersolar AWARD 2017 - RAM Pharma Winner

MTN Linear Fresnel Solar Thermal Collector

Head Office

Industrial Solar GmbH

Basler Str. 115
D-79115  Freiburg   Germany 
Tel. +49 761 767111-0


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