Solar Thermal Collectors

Solar thermal collector systems

Did you know that a solar thermal collector can easily reduce your fuel costs? Using advanced solar thermal collectors, such as flat plates and evacuated tubes, Industrial Solar provides reliable and effective heating for industrial processes at low temperatures. These systems absorb the solar irradiation directly on the collector surface and transfer the generated heat through a hydraulic circuit connected to the process. Besides our large solar thermal collector systems offering high yields over their long lifetime, they require minimum operation and maintenance, which reduces O&M costs over the production processes. Our large solar thermal collector systems offer not only high yields over a long lifetime but also require minimum operation and maintenance, which reduces O&M costs over the production processes. The designed systems operate automatically and can be installed in various configurations.

The advantages of solar thermal collectors

Solar thermal collectors are one of the simplest and most common ways to provide heat for industrial processes with temperatures below 100 °C. We provide customizable and lightweight collector systems that are ideal for installation and integration into production processes. Thanks to the usage of high-quality components, the collector efficiency is maximized to convert solar irradiation into heat. Furthermore, antifreeze protection and pressure maintenance are part of system design when needed due to cold ambient temperatures and complex processes.

Solar Process Water Preheating

Where can you use solar thermal collectors?

Solar thermal collectors can be used in any industry that requires process heat in the form of hot water or hot air and is capable of supplying space heating. The collector system can provide heat at the process level or pre-heat boiler feed water, which reduces the overall fuel consumption. Additionally, thermal energy storage can be included in the system to maximize the usage of solar resources. Another advantage is that they can easily be optimized into a hybrid system combined with heat pumps to provide higher temperatures. If you need temperatures above 100 °C for your industrial processes, we also have a solution for you! Check out our Fresnel Collector Technology.

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We offer you the best technology mix to decarbonize your business and reduce your energy costs and CO2 emissions. Thanks to our tailor-made solutions, your business will take a crucial step towards energy independence.

Industrial Solar is based in Freiburg im Breisgau – the sunniest region of Germany. Using our scientific knowledge, research, and engineering capabilities, we bring our years of engineering, and construction experience, as well as financial connections with strategic partners to provide robust and reliable solar energy systems.

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