Rooftop Photovoltaics

Rooftop PV systems for power generation

Photovoltaics is the cheapest form of electricity generation and offers many possible applications. The electricity generated can be used either for self-consumption and grid feeding or off-grid applications. Rooftop photovoltaics gain more importance as they help close the gap between supply and demand, which is a crucial factor for a modern electricity grid, including heating, cooling, and transport applications.

The advantages of rooftop photovoltaics:

The most common roof types

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Rooftop photovoltaics: installation

The installation of photovoltaic systems is possible on almost all roofs; however, design and installation must ensure that the roof is load-bearing and stable.

The size of the system, as well as the orientation and tilt angle of the PV modules, affect the yield level and the amount of generated solar power. For instance, if the modules are oriented to the south (for a system in the northern hemisphere), energy production peaks at midday, while a system that is oriented to both the east and west generates a more constant power curve throughout the day. Satellite maps, irradiance data, and other factors help optimize rooftop photovoltaic solutions.

Rooftop PV system components

In a rooftop photovoltaic system, PV modules, their accompanying mounting structure, and power inverters make up the core system. However, other components can also be incorporated into the system depending on system size, complexity, and energy needs. These include, for instance, string boxes, batteries, and transformers.

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At Industrial Solar, we realize customized photovoltaic systems tailored for industrial clients. Our expert engineers design photovoltaic systems with the highest standards and optimized for high efficiency.

We assist you in every step of your photovoltaic system project. Our experienced engineers develop tailored energy concepts as follows:

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