Combine photovoltaic systems and agricultural activities

Are you curious to know more about one of the relatively new and exciting yet rapidly developing applications of PV systems, namely, agrivoltaics (agriphotovoltaics, agrophotovoltaics, or A-PV)? Photovoltaic systems work by transforming the energy from the sun into electricity, and solar panels require room for deployment. Moreover, agrivoltaics revolutionizes the deployment of solar panels by combining agriculture with electricity generation in the same space.

How does agrivoltaics work?

Agriphotovoltaics refers to the deployment of PV systems on the land, also used for agricultural activities. In this way, the production of crops underneath the panels continues as regular on the farm or orchard. In parallel, the electricity production from solar panels takes place as it does on any solar photovoltaic system.

The solar panels, placed at the optimal height and inclination on the agricultural land, allow the usage of tractors and other agricultural machinery without interfering with the operation. Even the farm animals find space on the fields, and the panels provide sheltered spots for them to rest. Thanks to Agri-Photovoltaics, a valuable area can have double use. Also, the production efficiency can increase as the PV systems protect the underlying crops against too intense solar radiation. At the same time, moisture is kept in the soil longer. This creates harmony and mutual benefit between the land and solar energy. Thus, your field will be more environmentally friendly, energy secure, and efficient with an optimized agrivoltaic system designed for maximum efficiency by our expert engineers.

What advantages does agrivoltaics have?

As an innovative approach to today’s global food & energy needs, agrivoltaics plays a pioneering role:

Optimized for the land, for the harvest, for the people

We assist you in every step of your agrivoltaic system application with detailed engineering & care for individual needs. Tailored engineering services are developed by our experienced engineers as follows:

Other innovative PV applications related to agrivoltaics

In Germany, the new environmental law mentions agrivoltaics under the “diverse” applications of PV systems, and agrivoltaics is likely to be encouraged more soon. Other creative and innovative uses of PV systems inspired by agrivoltaic systems are solar beekeeping (double use of the land area with beehives and solar panels), PV systems on vineyards, and solar fences.

Solar fence for safety & practicality

Solar fences are gaining popularity because bifacial solar panels can be optimized for property or building enclosures. For instance, on a property where the animals graze, a solar fence keeps intruders out. Additionally, your animals are kept safe, and the panels on the solar fence produce electricity with a minimal maintenance cost, making effective use of space and renewable energy.

How do we provide agrivoltaic systems for your land?

Industrial Solar is based in Freiburg im Breisgau – the sunniest region of Germany. Even before its official foundation in 2008, Industrial Solar has been in a close relationship with one of the most important research centers on solar energy systems in Europe. 

Taking our power from science, research, and engineering, we bring our 20 years of experience, engineering know-how, and strategic connections with qualified partners to diverse applications of solar energy systems. We guarantee the quality, high yields, and long-term availability of your solar PV system by:

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