Change the Way Your Business Works with Photovoltaic Systems

Industrial Solar realizes customized photovoltaic systems mainly tailored for industrial clients, whether for self-consumption, grid feeding, or off-grid applications. We create an optimized photovoltaic system for maximum energy efficiency by innovative combining solutions, so your business can benefit from the advantages of solar energy. Your establishment becomes more environment-friendly, energy-secure, and efficient by opting for an optimized system designed by our expert engineers for maximum efficiency.

Photovoltaic systems work by transforming the energy from the sun into electricity. Sun is an abundant and reliable source of renewable energy available for anyone. Solar power systems can easily be installed on a large scale to your establishment for industrial use. Solar energy systems can be applied to newly constructed buildings or renovated establishments (retrofitted) to meet your practical energy needs and current legal requirements. 

What benefits do solar energy systems have?

Some benefits your business will get from photovoltaic systems are

  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Attractive return & payback time
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Aligning with sustainability values
  • Adapted to legal energy regulations
  • Contribution to positive public perception
  • Reduction of heat loads in summer
  • Use of existing rooftops or carports
  • Innovative applications of combined energy systems

Photovoltaic Twopager

How does Industrial Solar provide solar energy systems for industrial use?

Industrial Solar is based in Freiburg im Breisgau – the sunniest region of Germany. Even before its official foundation in 2008, Industrial Solar has been in a close relationship with one of the biggest research centers of solar energy systems in Europe.


Taking its power from science, research, and engineering, Industrial Solar serves the whole Baden-Württemberg region and Germany in PV applications. You can have faith in our 20 years of experience, engineering know-how, and financial connections with our partners. Quality, high-yields, and long-term availability of your solar PV system are guaranteed by 

  • Using only proven components from selected suppliers
  • Employing experienced installation teams in our plants


Services you will receive

We assist you in every step of your photovoltaic system application with detailed engineering & care for individual needs. Tailored energy concepts are developed by our experienced engineers as follows:

  • Demand analysis based on electricity consumption and surface area
  • Detailed system planning, design & simulation of the PV system (lightning & fire protection considered)
  • Feasibility study calculating load & yield profile and marketing costs 
  • Support in approval procedures
  • Realization of turnkey plants
  • Expert advice in all service phases

Finding your ideal combination of solar energy system applications

As the need for energy grows, our portfolio becomes richer with innovative applications of combined solutions. In addition to photovoltaic systems, we offer other technologies and services to reduce your energy costs and emissions.


Energy concept studies - we analyze your heating, cooling, and electricity needs and develop customized solutions that consider a variety of technologies - and we can implement all proposed solutions later.


Technologies - we offer a wide range of products for heat, power, and cooling generation, such as heat pumps, storage, or efficient chillers.


Our further PV applications include solar carports, solar fences, agrivoltaic (agricultural activities combined with electricity production), and storage solutions. We are ready to discuss even more creative and specialized solutions with you!


Curious to learn more about our innovative solutions for your energy needs?  Contact us now

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