Membrane Distillation

Clean water with innovative Membrane Distillation

Did you know that it is possible to recover valuable resources from wastewater and obtain clean water with Membrane Distillation (MD) technology? Even though many civilizations flourished near water sources, clean water is an increasingly scarce and valuable resource today. So, seeing this need and the potential for synergies between solar energy & clean water applications, we offer innovative waste- and drinking water treatment technologies with our sister company SolarSpring.

The MD systems are durable thanks to the membrane made of PTFE and the high-grade polymers used in the construction of the module. The systems are easy to operate with various automatic cleaning mechanisms. Moreover, they can be scaled with customized membrane parameters and sizes to meet the required flow rate to be treated. You can also remotely monitor and control the MD system with Siemens PLC control. MD systems operate 24 hours, and they are financially competitive compared to conventional options such as evaporators or external disposal. Moreover, the environmental impact of releasing wastewater is drastically decreased.

How does Membrane Distillation work?

In Membrane Distillation, a hot feed stream is separated from the cold feed stream with a hydrophobic (water repellent) membrane. The thermally driven process can use waste heat available or be combined with other heat sources such as Solar Thermal Collectors. The liquid streams remain separated by surface tension, while the higher vapor pressure drives steam molecules across the membrane. Finally, Membrane Distillation enables the separation of liquid waste streams into fresh water and concentrated wastewater fractions. This is achieved by utilizing membrane materials that retain liquids but allow the passing of vapours.

What are the advantages of Membrane Distillation?

With Membrane Distillation Systems, you can

Membrane Distillation technology can be applied in the textile industry for wastewater from the dyeing process, in metal pickling for galvanization process, and the treatment and recovery of valuable materials in various industries.

Membrane Distillation Principle

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At Industrial Solar, we are committed to a comprehensive approach to bringing renewable energy solutions for various industrial needs. Our sister company SolarSpring uses its extensive know-how and expert team of engineers to provide the entire project development and implementation. From testing, system engineering, and pre-treatment when required to turnkey solutions and maintenance support.

Technology mix

Membrane Distillation systems can be combined with solar energy solutions to supply heat and be operated along with your existing treatment systems.

Check out SolarSpring’s reference projects here! From Kenya to Colombia, SolarSpring has installations all over the world to provide water treatment solutions!

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