Heat Pumps

Heat pumps for decarbonizing the industry

Do you want to benefit from a highly efficient renewable energy solution, namely, heat pumps? They are becoming more and more popular because they are a great way to save money while cutting the carbon emissions of your business. They can provide both heating and cooling as well as be used in various industries that require temperatures up to 130 °C. They can deliver thermal energy over 3 times the amount of electricity consumed. Also, their capacities range from hundreds of kW to several MW. We design and optimize the heat pump systems for you, and we can also combine them with a renewable electricity source (e.g., PV systems) to operate them carbon neutral.

Heat pumps for industrial use

In industrial applications, heat pumps have an extensive field for deployment to reduce costs and increase exergetic efficiency via recycling waste heat and delivering heat at a useful temperature for adjacent processes. For example, they can use waste heat, which would otherwise be rejected to the environment, and increase air temperature to a useful process level. Heat pumps operate on a thermodynamic principle known as the Carnot Cycle and use the specific properties of refrigerants with electric-driven compressors. As they lift the heat from the source to the sink, they increase the pressure of the refrigerant via the compressor. Thus, waste heat is recovered and delivered for industrial processes.

The advantages

Using heat pumps has significant benefits for the environment. They both improve the industrial processes and provide efficiency. They have advantages such as:

Where and how can you use a heat pump to save money?

Large-scale and high-temperature heat pumps generate heat at temperatures up to 130°C. Therefore, employing them within industrial heat generation processes offers unique opportunities for energy conservation. This saves costs for companies while constituting a considerable benefit for the environment and natural resources. In industry, a heat pump can be used to improve the efficiency of:

Heat pump principle

For instance, some specific industrial processes where they can be used are

They also bring thermal comfort to buildings and offices since they can meet heating and cooling demands. Besides, they can easily be integrated into existing systems to assist in drying and dehumidification processes.

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