Technologies for supplying renewable energy to the industry

You seek renewable technologies to decarbonize your industrial plant! We offer turnkey installations for various technologies. Solar energy is a crucial element in the path to becoming more independent and sustainable.

Besides our own Fresnel collector, we are independent of manufacturers and can therefore install the best systems and components for you. Our industrial clients benefit from tailor-made systems with innovative solutions optimized for maximum energy efficiency.

Solar energy technologies for the industry

Industry benefits from renewable energy

Sun is an abundant, free, clean, and reliable source of renewable energy. It is available for anyone. Solar heat and power systems can easily be installed on a large scale for industrial use. They can provide clean energy to your business. So your production processes become more environmentally friendly, energy-secure, and efficient. Our engineers design optimized systems for maximum efficiency. By integrating solar energy technologies in your industrial plant, you take a step further in decarbonization and energy independence.

Industrial Solar’s solutions mean:

Technologies: overview​

Our technology portfolio brings the best of solar energy solutions together.

We round up our technology offers with comprehensive engineering services and valuable consulting & energy concept studies that provide a holistic view of the best solutions for each customer and application.


Technologies: applications

Energy demand is increasing as industrial production is also expected to grow up to 400% by 2050. The industry will emit the most GHG (Greenhouse Gases) if practical renewable energy solutions are not adopted into production processes.

As the need for energy grows, we improve our portfolio with innovative applications of combined solutions. Replacing fossil fuels with solar energy is possible with our technologies. Thus, you will take a fundamental step towards decarbonization. We offer you the solutions with a tailor-made technology mix for your needs.

Solar energy solutions can easily be realized by using:

All industrial sectors can benefit from our broad portfolio of renewable energy technologies suitable for all processes that require heat, electricity, cooling, and water.

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