Water Treatment

The need for clean water

Did you know that you can recover valuable materials from wastewater and recycle contaminated water with water treatment solutions? Industrial wastewater treatment is becoming increasingly important to close recyclable material loops, reduce pollution, and lower freshwater requirements. On the other hand, wastewater treatment and disposal are costly, especially in industries with complex wastewater compositions. For that, we offer innovative water treatment solutions with our sister company SolarSpring using technologies that are cost-effective, flexible, and scalable treatment systems for various industries.

How do SolarSpring's water treatment solutions work?

The rEvap System treats industrial wastewater and recovers resources with innovative membrane technology. In membrane distillation, a hot feed stream is separated from the cold feed stream with a hydrophobic (water repellent) membrane. Then, the liquid streams remain separated by surface tension while the higher vapor pressure drives steam molecules across the membrane.

The membrane distillation technology is driven by low temperatures of 35-95 °C and ambient pressure that enables the separation of liquid waste streams into clean water and concentrated wastewater fractions. This is achieved by utilizing membrane materials that hold back liquids but allow the passing of vapors. It is a robust and compact system for flexible water recovery from variable wastewater sources. It requires minimum operation and is easy to monitor with integrated Siemens control systems.

Membrane distillation technology recovers and cleans wastewater

Water Purification

Industrial water treatment

Examples of industries and relevant applications that can benefit from wastewater treatment are

  • recycling of acids
  • inline reuse of plating baths
  • reuse of gold, palladium, and other plating baths
  • recovery of freshwater from dying processes
  • concentration of saline wastewaters to a near saturation level
  • pickling baths
  • gentle concentration of sensitive ingredients
Industrial Water Treatment Driven by Solar Energy

Bringing you the optimum water treatment solutions in cooperation with SolarSpring

At Industrial Solar, we believe in the importance of solar energy and clean water solutions and their potential synergy in applications for various industrial needs. So, in cooperation with our sister company, we offer you optimized, and tailor-made water treatment solutions that are

Our services

Besides the abovementioned industrial applications with membrane distillation systems, the water purification system is an economically and ecologically viable alternative to water transportation or piped supply for decentralized applications. For instance, potable water can be supplied for

Consisting of a team of expert engineers, SolarSpring can develop innovative technologies and provide water testing, maintenance, system engineering, and turnkey solutions, including pre-treatment when required. Membrane Distillation systems can also be combined with solar energy solutions to supply heat and be operated along with your existing systems.

Do you want to save your valuable water resources?