Heating for industrial applications

Heating is the most significant type of energy end-use. Low-temperature heat (<100°C) is widely used for processes and space heating in several industries. However, most of the demand is still met by burning fossil fuels. At Industrial Solar, we want to change this! We help you switch to renewable heating solutions to reduce costs and emissions and eventually decarbonize your business. Our team develops and implements optimized solutions for heat for your industrial applications, especially with heat pumps and solar thermal collectors. 

Heating solutions with renewable energy

According to International Energy Agency (IEA), heat pumps and other renewable heating technologies, such as solar thermal collectors, constituted more than 20% of overall installations in 2020. As the energy efficiency measures are further implemented, the transition to renewable heat sources for industrial use and district and space heating will become even faster.

We provide heating solutions with reliable and easily applicable technologies. Heat pumps, Fresnel collectors, and other solar thermal technologies are the most viable solutions for providing heat with a temperature range up to 400 °C.

Fresnel collectors concentrate solar energy to provide heat up to 400°C. They are optimized for industrial applications and can operate with pressures up to 120 bars. Heat pumps deliver over 3 times the amount of energy consumed and can be used in various industries to supply temperatures up to 130 °C. Other types of solar thermal collectors can generate hot water with temperatures below 100 °C and offer high yields while requiring a minimum operation.

Heat pumps can be optimized to provide low to medium temperature heat

The benefits of renewable heat

Switching to renewable heating solutions is beneficial for the industry for various reasons. By opting for renewable heating, you can

We offer heating solutions that are easy to implement into existing systems, easily scalable, and optimized according to each industry’s specific needs.

Solar process water pre-heating

Technology mix

Energy demand is increasing as industrial production is also expected to grow up to 400% by 2050. The industry will emit the most GHG (Greenhouse Gases) if practical renewable energy solutions are not adopted into production processes.

As the need for energy grows, we improve our portfolio with combined solutions and innovative applications. Replacing fossil fuels with solar energy is possible with our technologies. Thus, you will take a fundamental step towards decarbonization. We offer you the solutions with a tailor-made technology mix for your needs.

All industrial sectors can benefit from our broad portfolio of renewable energy technologies suitable for all processes that require heat, electricity, cooling, and water.

Our services

We bring German engineering know-how and our commitment to decarbonizing the industry together so that we can find the best possible tailor-made and optimized solutions for you. You’ll receive the following services and more!

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