Thermal Solutions

Did you know that solar energy can be used for more than to provide electricity? In addition to the more commonly known PV applications, with solar thermal technology, sunlight can be converted to heat water and space as well as generate process heat and cooling power. Dehumidification, drying, and desalination are among other areas thermal solutions are helpful for industrial and commercial applications.

The need for thermal solutions

Did you know that heat demand constitutes half of the energy needs of the industrial sector, and in parallel, the cooling need is increasing dramatically? Whether heating or cooling, the energy supply needs to be constant and reliable to keep industrial operations going. We offer process heat & steam, cooling & heating solutions that can cover a significant share of the energy demand via sustainable and dependable sources. Moreover, a wide range of renewable thermal solutions allows the industry to become more energy independent and reduce costs.

Process heat integration by Industrial Solar

The benefits of thermal solutions

We offer heating solutions that are easy to implement into existing systems, easily scalable, and optimized according to each industry’s specific needs.

Opting for renewable thermal solutions is beneficial for the industry for various economic, environmental, and financial reasons. By choosing our thermal solutions, you can

For instance, using solar thermal energy for cooling needs is very smart because when the energy yield is the highest, the cooling demand is also at its highest. Solar thermal energy also has the advantage of being storable and is therefore available during low solar radiation and nights.

Technologies: the thermal solutions mix

The thermal solutions we provide are versatile and can be used individually or combined with one another, depending on your demand and needs. Our engineers look at your case closely and propose a tailor-made and optimized solution for you. The possible solutions include:

Cooling with absorption chillers

Absorption cooling is a form of thermal cooling, meaning it offers cooling power (output), driven by heat (input), with just a small amount of electricity needed. With renewable solutions, absorption chillers can generate renewable cooling down to -20 °C when using ammonia-water cycles powered by our Fresnel collectors. Check out our other cooling solutions.

Heating with heat pumps & solar thermal collectors

Fresnel collectors concentrate solar energy to provide heat up to 400°C. Heat pumps deliver over 3 times the amount of energy consumed and can be used in various industries to supply temperatures up to 130 °C. Other solar thermal collectors can generate hot water temperatures below 100 °C and offer high yields while requiring a minimum operation.

Process heat & steam with steam drum and solar thermal collector

Solar heat can be fed into the supply system (industrial hot water or steam network) or the process level.

Other combinations are possible, and they can be proposed thanks to our engineers’ detailed case analysis. The technology mix we offer aims to bring our clients the best of both heating and cooling worlds.

Let us find the right solution for you!