Solar Thermal Hot Air Systems

Several applications are found in the industrial sector for which hot air can be used directly in the process or it could be used in an air-water heat exchanger for industrial processes that have the need for hot water.


Examples for processes which need hot air directly:

  • Air pre-heating in air conditioning systems
  • Air space heating for gymnasiums
  • Drying processes e.g. sorption materials (drying materials), wood or groceries
  • Air space heating e.g. for industrial or apartment house
  • Air preheating in ventilation plants
  • Hot air for paint shops
  • Solar cooling systems based on sorption-chilling process
Solar Thermal Hot Air System

What are the Advantages of Solar Hot Air Systems?

Solar thermal hot air collectors can reduce the fossil fuel demand of these processes substantially.

Furthermore, the use of air as a heat carrier comes with a number of advantages:

  • Air does not freeze
  • Air is for free
  • Leakages do not cause structural damage through hot liquids
  • Safe large-scale systems, exceeding 1000 m² possible
  • No stagnation problems even with large collector fields
  • No venting problems
  • No steam-pressure surges
  • No redundant pumps
  • No expensive safety installations 

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