Electricity from solar energy

Solar photovoltaic (PV) power uses crystalline cells that harness sunlight to generate electricity. Solar power generation is already the cheapest form of electricity generation today. In addition to conventional consumption, the increasing electromobility and electrification of processes keep the demand for electricity rising in the coming decades. We realize photovoltaic systems on a large scale for self-consumption and grid feeding.

Photovoltaic systems can be installed in newly constructed buildings, renovated (retrofitted) establishments, and in-ground spaces. Furthermore, solar power systems can easily be installed on a large scale in your establishment for industrial use.

Working principles of PV for self-consumption

Benefits of generating your own electricity

Solar PV is becoming easier and easier to access and cheaper to apply than other alternatives. The generated electricity can be used for self-consumption, grid feeding, or off-grid applications. The advantages of using solar PV to generate renewable electricity are

At Industrial Solar, we optimize solar PV for maximum energy efficiency. We can also combine solar PV with other innovative renewable energy solutions to offer you a tailor-made mixture. Main advantages: your business becomes more environment-friendly, energy-secure, and efficient.

Why does the industry need solar energy?

The industry is one of the most intensive energy consumers and requires electricity for almost all manufacturing processes. Moreover, industrial production keeps rising with the increasing demand and world population. Due to this, industry is estimated to become one of the largest polluters and emitters of greenhouse gases. This can be prevented with the implementation of renewable energy solutions into industrial production processes. Solar energy is even more feasible for businesses that use high amounts of daytime electricity. The industry can benefit from solar energy to generate renewable electricity and to decarbonize its processes while saving money and reducing harmful emissions.

Technology mix

Our further PV applications include solar carports, solar fences, agrivoltaic systems (agricultural activities combined with electricity production), and energy storage solutions. As the need for energy grows, our portfolio becomes richer with innovative applications of combined solutions. In addition to photovoltaic systems, we also offer other technologies and services. Thus, we help you cut your energy costs and emissions.

With Energy Concept Studies, we analyze your heating, cooling, and electricity needs and develop customized solutions considering a variety of technologies. Finally, we can implement all proposed solutions.

Technologies: we offer a wide range of heat, power, and cooling generation solutions. For instance, technologies such as heat pumps, thermal storage, or efficient chillers are only among a few.

Of course, we are ready to discuss even more creative and specialized solutions with you. We care about providing tailor-made solutions!

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