Solutions for the supply of renewable energy in industry

Steam/Process Heat

Steam is the most common heat transfer medium in industry. Our Fresnel collector is optimized for solar steam generation and can be easily integrated into existing networks. 


Due to the increasing use of electromobility as well as renewable fuels, the demand for electricity is rising rapidly. Solar power generation is already the cheapest form of electricity generation today. We realize photovoltaic systems for self-consumption and grid feeding.


Low temperature heat (<100°C) is needed in industry as well as for building heating. We develop and implement optimized solutions for your applications, especially with heat pumps and / or solar thermal. 

Water Treatment

The treatment of industrial wastewater is becoming increasingly important in order to close recyclable material loops, reduce pollution and lower fresh water requirements. With the plants based on the membrane distillation technology of our sister company SolarSpring, we offer an effective solution with minimal operating costs. 


The IEA expects global cooling demand to double by 2040. We offer efficient cooling solutions, including absorption chillers and thermal storage, to reduce energy costs.

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