Solar Thermal collectors

Solar Thermal Solutions - Clean, Cost-Effective, Reliable

We offer solutions for the provision of heat, cold, power as well as for water treatment and desalination. Thereby we cover a large share of the total energy demand in the medium power range, especially in the industrial sector.

Solar Thermal Cooling

Solar Thermal Heat/Steam

Solar thermal collectors can cover a large share of the heat demand. Especially the provision of process heating is interesting as it accounts for approximately 70% of the industrial energy demand. Our Fresnel collector is optimized for industrial applications. It can provide heat of up to 400°C and generate steam directly.

Solar Thermal Cooling

Solar Thermal Cooling

Especially in hot countries the demand for refrigeration and air-conditioning rises continuously. With our solutions you can reduce the energy consumption and costs for your cold supply.

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We provide customized solutions for renewable energies and energy efficiency in the medium power range. Our systems use solar thermal energy, photovoltaic, combined heat and power or efficiency measures.
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