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We develop energy concepts for the use of renewables and energy efficiency in industry and also provide various engineering services for the technologies we offer.

Consultancy Process Studies

Different technologies for the decarbonization of process heat are available. Yet, to develop an optimized solution, various site-specific parameters and limitations need to be considered. Within the Evaluation of Renewable Process Heating Opportunities, we will

  • Assess thermal energy demand and site constraints
  • Identify suitable renewable process heating solutions
  • Describe relevant technological options
  • Undertake performance simulation
  • Characterize the main KPIs of selected options 

Process Study Onepager


Complex energy projects need detailed planning. In order to develop the optimal solution for our client's demands, we offer the following engineering services:

  • Pre-feasibility study (estimation of costs and yields)
  • Conceptual design (estimation of costs and yields and conceptual design)
  • Preliminary design / Front-end engineering and design (estimation of costs and yields and selection of central components)
  • Final design 

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