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that present the most effective integration options of solar energy into industrial processes. To bring optimized and tailor-made solutions to our clients, we combine our engineering expertise with state-of-the-art technologies and the usage of renewable resources on-site. Thus, our clients have clear solar energy alternatives for a more sustainable, optimized, and efficient operation. Additionally, they can significantly reduce their energy costs and CO2 emissions by implementing the engineered systems.

How can your business save money & become more sustainable?

Our renewable energy-based solutions are created with a comprehensive and innovative approach to meet your industrial energy demand. Industrial Solar carries out energy concept studies to assess your needs, propose an optimized solution and estimate your savings. The savings are directly proportional to the size of your solar energy system. For example, a solar thermal facility producing 30% of your annual heat demand will save you more than 30% of your utility bill, taking the efficiency of the existing fuel-fired system into consideration.

In addition to the financial benefits of solar energy solutions, there are also significant environmental and operational benefits. For instance, when you generate process heat, steam, or electricity with one, or a mix of optimized technologies, your business minimizes its environmental impact and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It is a crucial and necessary step towards a carbon-free industry we urgently need.

Our Services aim to show you the optimum solutions

How does Industrial Solar provide solar energy services for the industry?

Industrial Solar is based in Freiburg im Breisgau – the sunniest region of Germany. Even before its official foundation in 2008, Industrial Solar has been in a close relationship with one of the biggest research centers on solar energy systems in Europe.  

Using our scientific knowledge, research, and engineering capabilities, Industrial Solar expands its prestigious international presence with an innovative approach to solar energy technologies. You can have faith in our almost two decades of experience, engineering know-how, and qualified connections with strategic partners. Quality, high-yields, and long-term availability of your systems are guaranteed by

We determine your needs with Energy Concept Studies

We develop energy concept studies for integrating renewables and taking energy efficiency precautions in industry. Energy concept studies are a great place to start your transition to integrating renewable energy into your business if you want to find the best direction. First, we assess your needs and estimate your savings with our studies. Then we propose an optimized solution tailored for you. To round up our services, we provide applied engineering services for the technologies we offer.

Technology mix

On the path to decarbonization and energy self-sufficiency, a holistic approach to energy needs is essential. That is precisely what we do at Industrial Solar! After assessing your requirements and energy needs in detail, we present the best ways to harness solar energy that maximize energy yield. For instance, if a combination of PV modules and heat pumps would meet your needs and bring more advantages to you, we investigate that possibility together.

Engineering is in our DNA

Our engineering services are performed by expert engineers who follow the latest developments in the solar energy world and collaborate to find the optimum solutions. We offer all different levels of engineering, from the conceptual phase to the detailed planning according to international standards

Our international team of engineers, with German engineering excellence, will exceed your expectations!

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