The SunStorm collector is a highly efficient vacuum tube solar air collector optimized for hot air applications. Due to the vacuum tubes and the high quality thermal insulation the heat losses are minimized and very high air temperatures can be generated.  The collector offers high performance, excellent standstill security and is especially suitable for drying appliations. The SunStorm was characterized based on the test standard EN 12975-1,2:2006 and is in the market incentive program (MAP) by the BAFA and eligible for the KfW program "Renewable Energies".

Functional Principle

Within the vacuum tubes of the SunStorm air collector there is a thin aluminium injection tube which ensures an optimal circulation of the air and guarantees a safe and efficient heat transfer.


  • High temperatures 
  • Non-pressurized system
  • Inexpensive safety equipment
  • Easy integration
  • No stagnation problems
  • No damages to buildings in case of stagnation
  • No further heat exchanger needed for hot air applications
  • ...