New business strategy starts to pay off

Einige Mitarbeiter von Industrial Solar im Besprechungsraum

Industrial Solar GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Industrial Solar Holding Europe AB, was formerly mostly known for its LF-11 Fresnel Collector for industrial process heat applications. Over the last years, however, the company has broadened its technology portfolio and has developed into a leading turnkey provider for customised renewable energy solutions, both on a national and an international level. Industrial Solar’s latest additions of technologies such as photovoltaic carports and non-concentrating solar thermal solutions now also start to pay off. 

Industrial Solar GmbH is a turnkey provider from Freiburg/Germany that initially focused mainly on solutions based on its LF-11 Fresnel Collector – a linear concentrating, solar thermal collector optimized for industrial applications that can provide heat at up to 400°C in the single and lower double-digit megawatt range. Over the last years, the company included more services and technologies in its portfolio in order to meet the various demands of its customers in industry and to be able to offer solutions also to the national market and to regions with lower direct solar irradiation.

Of special relevance is the development of sector-coupling or power-to-heat-coupling systems for industrial customers. The integration of photovoltaic systems into solar thermal systems by means of heat pumps or resistance heating enhances economics, optimizes the usage of ground and rooftop area and increases the flexibility and reliability of renewable energy solutions.  

With the advent of COVID-19 and the associated restrictions, international project business has come to almost a halt for many companies, so also for Industrial Solar whose plants are mainly implemented outside Europe in countries with a high direct solar irradiance like Jordan and South Africa. Despite the restrictions to conduct international business, the adapted portfolio allows Industrial Solar to operate on a national level. Two new sales representatives were hired in November 2020 to address the national market.

This action already shows first positive results: Industrial Solar GmbH has just signed its first order of about € 35,000 for the installation of a PV system close to its head office. Further steps to expand the national business are already being taken, one of them being the upcoming smart heat grid market, for which Industrial Solar has an excellent expertise and is well positioned.

With the progress of Covid-19 vaccination campaigns and the waning of the pandemic crisis combined with the activities and funds to mitigate climate change, we expect an uptake of our international project business within this year.