JTI in Interview: Satisfaction with Industrial Solar’s Fresnel Collector System

Industrial Solar interviewed JTI (Japan Tobacco International) in the 5th year of their Fresnel Collector system operation in Amman, Jordan, about their satisfaction with the Fresnel system. In the interview, JTI Jordan engineering manager Mr. Mohammad Swaitti emphasized how Industrial Solar’s flagship technology has helped JTI to take an essential step toward a carbon-zero factory and cost reduction.

Industrial Solar’s direct solar steam generation system was installed at JTI Jordan in 2017, and it provides heat at the specified pressure and temperature to be used directly in the factory. The steam drum offers seamless integration to JTI’s network, accumulating and regulating the collector’s thermal power and flow. The backup boiler remains parallel to the steam drum and provides additional steam when needed.

JTI’s engineering manager Mr. Mohammad Swaitti affirmed how satisfied JTI is with the Fresnel Collectors and that the company also benefits from Industrial Solar’s improved data monitoring system. Building & facility manager Nadeem Mansi added that the data monitoring system helped JTI better understand the overall system. Moreover, JTI has reported saving $70,000 per year thanks to the Fresnel Collectors, and the system has become a vital showcase for utilizing solar thermal heat in the MENA region.

Watch the interview below!