Industrial Solar to Reduce Carbon Footprint in Fashion Industry

Industrial Solar GmbH signed an agreement for an engineering study, the first phase of implementing a concentrating solar collector into the textile production of one of the biggest H&M textile suppliers, Arvind Ltd., in India. The order value of the design engineering amounts to 46k€.

H&M Group has been attaching great importance to reducing its emissions by 56% until 2030 and is prioritizing the implementation of renewable clean energy in its manufacturing facilities which are responsible for 70% of garment’s climate impact. As part of this initiative, H&M has stopped onboarding new suppliers with on-site coal boilers into its supply chain, and instead, invests in its suppliers to support them in transitioning to renewable energy sources. For this purpose, H&M has arranged for Industrial Solar to build a demonstration project for one of its biggest suppliers, Arvind Ltd., that will deliver proof of concept for the integration of a concentrating solar thermal system to provide direct steam for the textile processes. In this first design engineering with an order value of 46k€, Industrial Solar is developing a solar process heat system. The planned collector field will have a capacity of almost 8.6 MWth and cover an area of 20,000 m2 to produce saturated steam at 9 bars.