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Company history

We provide optimized and tailor-made solar energy solutions to decarbonize industrial processes. Industrial Solar GmbH was founded in 2008 in the environment of Fraunhofer ISE as a Fresnel Collector solution provider. Over time, we have expanded our portfolio to provide a variety of technologies and services for a climate-friendly energy supply for the industry.

Our solar process steam generation installations have received awards, such as the

Today, we keep track of the solar energy world by closely following the latest trends and outlooks that can be suitable for our industrial clients. Our team of experts has also been growing, with outstanding minds joining our team!

Some Industrial Solar employees at the meeting room

Business concept

Since 2018, Industrial Solar GmbH has been a 100% subsidiary of Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB (CISH), listed on the Nasdaq First North stock exchange in Sweden.  

To bring additional value to our clients, we work on selected projects with SolarSpring GmbH, also a subsidiary of CISH and a solution provider for industrial water treatment.

We help industrial clients decarbonize with renewable energy solutions

Our vision and mission

We want to make the world a healthy and liveable place for current and future generations by eliminating the reliance on fossil fuels. Within all industry sectors, we envision solar thermal and solar photovoltaic solutions integrated into all aspects of industrial production. Eventually, we want renewable energy solutions to become the new norm.

We bring tailor-made solar energy solutions through our expertise to the industrial arena to achieve this.

Our services

Our renewable energy solutions allow Industrial Solar’s clients to have a more sustainable, optimized, and efficient operation. They take a crucial step towards faster decarbonization and more energy independence. Moreover, our clients significantly reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

With German expertise in engineering and our commitment to decarbonizing the industry, we offer:

We create solar energy solutions with a comprehensive and innovative approach to meet the industrial energy demand.

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