Tobacco Industry

Solar energy solutions for the tobacco industry

Processing tobacco requires a significant amount of energy. Therefore, the tobacco industry can benefit from our solar energy solutions, which provide a consistent and reliable energy source while reducing carbon emissions and saving energy costs. These solutions do not interfere with the production system, and they can, for instance, be integrated to process or supply levels.

The tobacco industry can benefit from our complete solar energy solutions to decarbonize processes such as:

Steam demand constitutes the primary energy demand of the tobacco industry for temperatures ranging from 55°C to 300°C. To process tobacco with steam, tobacco pads are opened by a hot air force, and then steam is injected into a conditioning cylinder.

See our reference project for the tobacco industry below!

Tobacco plant field

Fresnel Collector system for JTI (Japan Tobacco International) in Jordan

A Fresnel collector field with an aperture area of 1,254 m2 and a peak thermal capacity of 705 kW was installed on the rooftop of Japan Tobacco International’s factory in 2017. The system generates steam at up to 225 °C, significantly above the required temperature. Therefore, taking advantage of the 15 m³ steam drum, the system also stores excess energy. The industrial plant primarily uses the steam produced by the Fresnel Collector system, while the fossil fuel boiler only covers the remaining heat demand.

The system is seamlessly integrated into the factory’s supply network and is used in the production processes. Moreover, thanks to the installed steam buffer storage, the installation even reduces the pressure fluctuations and enhances the reliability within the steam network. The system provides around 1350 MWhth/year, equivalent to 110 tons of oil, reducing CO2 emissions by 300 tons per year.

Due to the geographic location of the production site, there is also a high demand for air-conditioning (space cooling), which we solved via an absorption chiller with a cooling capacity of 580 kW that uses the remaining steam for regeneration the chiller’s refrigerant.

Technology mix for the tobacco industry

The tobacco industry can significantly reduce emissions and its dependency on fossil fuels with Industrial Solar’s mix of technologies, as seen in the example of JTI Jordan operations. With our assessment of your needs and considering industry-specific requirements, we present the best ways to utilize various technologies to maximize your energy yield. Typical solutions included in our system analysis are

Your benefits

All industrial sectors need renewable energy solutions now more than ever. The tobacco industry is no exception, considering that tobacco is a crop that can be impacted by climate change; opting for renewable energy solutions in this industry has long-term benefits. The tobacco industry can take advantage of solar energy solutions with its potential for easy integration and flexibility of use.

We provide solar energy solutions for the tobacco industry that can easily be installed on a large scale for industrial use. Some of your benefits are,

Thanks to our solutions, you take a step further in decarbonization and energy independence, which are becoming increasingly important.

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We combine German engineering expertise with comprehensive solar energy solutions to make the industry carbon-free. To this end, we offer the following services and more!

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