Textile & Garment Industry

Solar energy solutions for the textile & garment industry

The production processes in the textile & garment industry require a substantial amount of energy which has massive environmental consequences. But the textile & garment industry is looking to reduce its impact on the planet. We provide solar energy and clean water solutions to meet the energy demand and recover wastewater in this sector with optimized and tailor-made solutions that can easily be applied to be used in wet processes such as bleaching, dyeing, and finishing.

More than 75% of energy usage in wet processes is heating at temperatures up to 200°C. So, this sector is advantageous to benefit from low to medium temperature heat renewable energy solutions.

Steam and renewable heat with Fresnel Collectors, PV panels in combination with heat pumps, absorption chillers, and membrane distillation solutions to recover wastewater, are among the solutions we offer to make the textile & garment industry more energy secure and help them reduce costs and emissions.

Your benefits

All industrial sectors need solar energy solutions now more than ever. More textile & garment corporations require the decarbonization of the supply chain. So, climate-neutral textiles are becoming a competitive edge in the textile industry. With our solutions, you will:

Our services for the textile & garment industry

On the path to decarbonization and energy self-sufficiency, a holistic approach to energy needs is essential. That is precisely what we do at Industrial Solar! We offer:

Technology mix

The textile & garment industry has a great potential to benefit from the combination of heat and power technologies we offer. After assessing your needs and requirements, we present the best ways to utilize various technologies to maximize energy yield. Typical solutions included in our system analysis are

Additionally, at our sister company SolarSpring, Membrane Distillation technology was successfully applied and demonstrated in the treatment and reduction of textile wastewater and achieved freshwater recovery of >95% and production of freshwater in reusable quality with a payback time of 2 years.

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