Laundry Industry

Solar energy solutions for the commercial laundry industry

The commercial laundry industry provides essential services for the hospitality sector, restaurants, hospitals, care homes, etc. However, the commercial laundry processes use a lot of energy and water, with substantial environmental consequences. But thanks to the opportunities to benefit from renewable energy solutions, the laundry industry can reduce its impact on the planet. For this purpose, we provide solar energy and water treatment solutions for this sector with optimized and tailor-made systems that can easily be integrated into processes such as

A significant amount of energy usage in the laundry industry occurs in water heating for washing which is often supplied by steam networks. Our solutions can meet this and other thermal demands for low to medium-temperature heat (60-180°C).

Your benefits

All industrial sectors need solar energy solutions now more than ever! An increasing number of commercial laundry operations are looking for ways to become more sustainable and save on energy costs by opting for solar energy solutions. With our solutions, you can also:

Services for the commercial laundry industry

A holistic approach to energy needs is essential on the path to decarbonization and more energy independence. With a comprehensive understanding of the industrial applications of solar energy solutions, we offer:

The commercial laundry industry has many savings opportunities. For instance, with an Energy Concept Study, we can closely examine your energy requirements and determine how you can improve energy efficiency and implement solar energy solutions to sustain your needs, which will help you save costs.

Technology mix

After assessing your needs and requirements, we present the best ways to utilize various technologies to maximize energy yield. Typical solutions included in our system analysis are

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