Food & Beverage Industry

Industrial energy demand in the food & beverage sector

The beverage & food sectors consume a significant amount of energy during the production process. Mainly, low to medium-temperature heat is needed for many industrial processes such as

Beverage & food producers can significantly benefit from solar energy solutions. As both production and consumption of their goods increase significantly during sunny periods, solar energy is an ideal source for supplying renewable energy to their operations. Solar energy solutions in the food & beverage industries would contribute to covering the energy demand for these sectors while reducing their carbon emissions and saving on energy costs.

Renewable energy solutions for the food & beverage industry

The beverage & food industry has many opportunities to integrate solar energy solutions into their processes. For instance, a very good load profile for the integration of solar thermal is breweries. Around 40 kWh is needed to produce one hectolitre of beer. Here, process heat represents about 75% of total energy consumption. Our Fresnel Collectors offer an excellent advantage for providing process heat in breweries by integrating solar thermal power directly into an existing steam network, e.g., 160 °C. Moreover, absorption chillers combined with solar thermal energy solutions can be used efficiently in the food & beverage industries.

The food and beverage industry: a great match with solar energy

Other sectors that can benefit from our innovative solutions of renewable energy supply in their industrial plants are

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We are based in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany’s sunniest region. Even before its official foundation in 2008, Industrial Solar has been in a close relationship with one of the most important research centers on solar energy systems in Europe. We have been developing solutions to decarbonize the industry for more than a decade.

Technology mix

As the need for energy grows, our portfolio becomes richer with innovative applications of combined solutions.

We offer you the best technology mix to decarbonize your business and reduce your energy costs and CO2 emissions. Thanks to our tailor-made solutions, your business will take a crucial step towards energy independence.

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