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Industrial decarbonization is a must

Are you looking for renewable technologies to decarbonize your industrial plant and become more energy secure? We offer solar energy supply solutions for industrial energy needs. Our solutions have been helping industrial clients from various sectors worldwide to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Everything consumed is produced by using energy. Moreover, global energy demand increases as industrial production are expected to grow up to 400% by 2050. Left to its own devices, the industry will emit the most GHG (Greenhouse Gases). This is why practical renewable energy solutions must be adapted as quickly as possible into production processes.

All the industries need heat, cooling, and electricity. However, relying on fossil fuels to provide energy is a premise that has no practical future for environmental, economic, and political reasons. In this case, decarbonizing the industry is necessary to achieve the energy transition and contribute to carbon-free sectors.

A crucial step for energy independence

Substituting fossil fuels with solar energy to decarbonize your business is possible with our technologies. Our solutions can be integrated into multiple points of your existing system. For instance, solar heat can be integrated into the supply or process level. With applications such as direct solar integration, solar integration + storage, or solar integration with waste heat recovery, this is easily achievable for various industries.

We offer you the most appropriate technologies or a mix of technologies tailored and optimized for your needs:

Whichever application you opt for, you’ll reduce your carbon emissions – thus your carbon footprint and operational costs. Moreover, you’ll immediately become more energy independent.

Your sector can benefit from Industrial Solar's solutions

Heat is essential to most industrial processes. The energy input activates the chemical reactions to manufacture many goods, from medicine to cleaning products. For instance, heat is needed to process several components used in the automotive industry. It is also used to pasteurize milk, brew beer, and dry paper. So, it is not surprising that most industrial energy needed is heat. In fact, electricity accounts for a much smaller amount of energy compared to heat.

However, most of the needed heat is still generated using fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil today. You can change this with our technologies! Various technologies can provide a wide range of temperatures from 40°C to 400°C. Industrial Solar can integrate renewable energy solutions for heating, cooling, electricity, and wastewater recovery to many industries and processes, including but not limited to:

More than ever, all industrial sectors need renewable energy solutions to stay competitive and create local jobs. It is also crucial for the industry to mitigate volatile energy prices that traditionally depend on fossil fuels since rapidly changing fuel prices impact revenues negatively. Whereas, when industries turn towards renewable energy solutions, they become more resilient and energy secure as they will have continuous sustainable energy.

Technology mix for industrial energy needs

As the need for energy grows, our portfolio becomes richer with innovative applications of combined solutions.

You can get a broad analysis of your heating, cooling, and electricity needs with our Energy Concept Studies. We analyse and develop customized solutions with various technologies to help you become more energy secure. Finally, we can implement the best technical and economic proposed solutions.

We offer a range of heat, power, and cooling generation technologies. For instance, technologies such as heat pumps, energy storage, or efficient chillers are only among a few.

Our services

Industrial Solar offers the following services and more!

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