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© Industrial Solar

For any questions or information, book a session online

Para cualquier duda o información, reserva una cita online

Pour toutes questions ou informations, réservez une session online

At Industrial Solar we make industrial processes greener with
renewable energy, concentrating solar technologies and turnkey solutions.

© Industrial Solar
© Industrial Solar

Our Technology:


1.    Use photovoltaic panels to cover the electricity demand


2.    Use solar heat to generate steam


3.    Use solar heat for space heating and cooling


We have realized numerous national and international projects for engineering,
consulting services, provision of equipment 
and turnkey systems.

© Industrial Solar
© Industrial Solar

Our Solutions:


1.    Generation of Solar Process Steam for industrial processes


2.    Production of Solar Thermal Cooling for industry and commerce


3.    Solar Thermal Hot Water Production with flat plate collectors


4.    Covering the Electricity Demand with solar photovoltaic panels


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