Industrial Solar GmbH - Your provider for solar energy supply

We reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions by integrating renewables into the energy supply of our industrial clients.

We provide technologies and services for clean energy solutions in the industrial sector. Our projects combine engineering expertise with efficient technologies that use energy from renewable sources on site.  

The Challenge: Decarbonizing the Industrial Sector

Globally, the industrial sector is responsible for one-third of the total energy consumption. Since the industrial production is expected to grow up to 400% until 2050, it will become the sector that emits most CO2.


In the industry, the energy demand for heating is three times as big as for electricity. Currently, this demand is still mostly met by fossil fuels.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is  a carbonfree industry to leave a healthy and liveable world to future generations.


Our mission is to contribute to the industry's energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy through our expertise in and technologies of solar energy systems. 

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