Burning fossil fuel harms the environment, so why don't you shift to a greener solution? You could use solar energy for heat and power!


Your business would reduce costs and its carbon footprint while increasing its sustainability and corporate social responsibility efforts.


Do you want to know how?

There are 3 steps to avoid being a fossil fool:


1.    Optimize processes to reduce your energy consumption 


2.    Substitute fossil fuels with solar energy for heat and power 


3.    Trust experienced technology suppliers like us


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There is no reason to waste energy, especially if it comes from fossil fuels. It is costly and the environmental damage is enormous. Implement energy efficiency measures in your company.



There are 3 steps to spend less on energy:


1.    Raise your energy awareness


2.    Perform energy audits


3.    Increase energy efficiency


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We make industrial processes greener with renewable energy, concentrating solar technologies and turnkey solutions.



There are 3 steps to substitute fossil fuels with solar energy:


1.    Cover the electric demand with solar PV


2.    Use solar heat to pre-heat boilers or generate steam


3.    Use solar heat for space heating and cooling



3 reasons to trust Industrial Solar:


1.    German engineering and technology


2.    Expertise in several industries


3.    One-stop shop for renewable energy supply



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