Photovoltaic Power Generation

Industrial Solar realizes customized photovoltaic systems for self-consumption, grid feeding or off-grid applications. Together with our partners we have strong experience, know-how and financial leverage.


In our plants we only use proven components from selected suppliers and experienced installation teams. This way we can guarantee quality, long-term availability and high yields for you.



Build a solar photovoltaic carport. Double use parking lots to increase yield per square of property area. Decrease environmental weather forces to increase live expectancy of employee and employer property. Create visible statement for customer regarding cooperate climate change strategy. Decrease building possibilities of heat islands to increase human well-being. 


What are the benefits of a solar system?

A solar system increases the positive footprint of its users. Converting energy from renewable sources on site creates independence from the grid. It also reduces carbon dioxide emissions. By feeding energy into the grid, not only the users benefit, but society as a whole. If electrical energy is converted and consumed locally, it does not have to be transported over long distances. A solar plant as a sustainable investment. Spend money now at low interest rates to save costs in the future. The monetary value is converted into a material value.

What is a solar system?

Solar plants are systems that convert the energy in sunlight. Plants that perform photosynthesis are also solar systems. Trees convert sunlight into wood. Radiant energy into chemical energy. As in nature, there is a great variety of solar plants. Perhaps the best known solar system consists of photovoltaic modules. Here, sunlight is converted into electricity. Radiant energy into electrical energy.

How much does a solar installation cost?

The price of a photovoltaic system is determined by the place and time. Where will be built which plant and to what extent. The larger and more accessible the lower the cost. The decisive factors are the prices for the inverters, the modules and control devices. 

Time determines the total price in two ways. How much time is needed to design, build and commission the system. In addition, the timing. The longer in advance we can plan, the better the price. The installation work is subject to the seasons and weather. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

How does a photovoltaic module work?

A photovoltaic module consists of various metals and semi-metals. The incident light, shifts charge carriers beyond a potential barrier. This uneven distribution of charge carriers such as electrons leads to a voltage U with the unit volt [V]. If the two potentials are connected with a wire, the electrons flow from one side to the other. There is a current I with the unit [A]. Where a voltage U prevails and a current I flows, the power P=U*I is generated. This power over a certain time does our work like in the washing machine, the hair dryer or the elevator. 

What is the effect of shading on photovoltaic modules?

The semiconductor cells that make up a photovoltaic module are connected in series. If a cell in this series is shaded, current no longer flows from it. Current can only flow and do work in a closed circuit. The cell acts like an insulator or non-conductor or open switch. By using half-cut modules, i.e. modules that are split in half, a roof surface with partial shading can be used. In addition, power optimizers can be installed. These can regulate temporarily shaded modules so that they do not affect the functionality of the others. How exactly this works can be answered by our expert.


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