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Industrial Solar GmbH provides customized solutions for renewable energies and energy efficiency in the medium power range. Our systems use solar thermal energy, photovoltaic, combined heat and power or efficiency measures. In addition we offer consulting on optimizing existing energy systems and comprehensive engineering services. Industrial Solar has extensive know-how and experience in international projects and is world leader in solar Fresnel collector projects for industrial applications.

Solar Thermal Collectors

Industrial Solar is a German solution provider, developed a solar thermal collector designed for the application in the industry with a track record dating back to 2005, we implemented numerous projects using solar thermal collectors for various applications, such as industrial process heat and cooling, its Fresnel collector LF-11 is a linear focusing solar system for generating process heat in the range of 500 kW to 10 MW at pressures up to 120 bar (standard 40 bar) and temperatures up to 400°C.

Industrial Solar’s experienced team has been able to offer optimal, technical, and economic solutions customized to the individual requirements of the customer, we have the longest track record with this technology worldwide.

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Solar Thermal collectors
RAM PHARMA, Amman, Jordan, 2017.

Customers Success Stories And Testimonials, Click Below To Watch

 "RAM PHARMA set a goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, we decided to use this system because it's the latest technology worldwide, and it has been able to reduce our annual fuel consumption..."

 Mr. Mahmoud Al – Najami 

Chairman – RAM PHARMA



Success story: Solar Thermal Cooling in Jordan

Industrial Solar was satisfied to be mentioned as best practice by Green Cooling Initiative, we installed a Fresnel Collector field with a total capacity of 700 kW(th) to our client JTI (Japan Tobacco International). In addition the installation includes a steam storage as well as a steam driven double-effect absorption chiller. More Details click here.


Renewable Energies - challenges and solutions for a sustainable future

Industrial Solar was present on the last 6th July on a training program provided by the Export-Akademie Baden Württemberg (EABW) for an Iranian business delegation, offered a general training about renewable energy technologies and highlighted the enormous potential of using concentrated solar thermal systems for industrial applications. 


Solar Thermal collectors
Mr. Ribeiro, Business Developer - Latin America with participants from the event.


Fresnel Collector field commissioned in Jordan

Industrial Solar commissioned another Fresnel Collector field for steam generation JTI (Japan Tobacco International) in Jordan. The energy is used for process heating and to drive an absorption chiller. More details click here.

Fresnel collector
Fresnel collector for steam generation, JTI, Jordan, 2018.

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